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Special events build family traditions, opportunities to participate, an icebreaker, undivided attention to each other, inclusiveness and unique experiences. Special events provide a chance sometimes to even bring our kids and spouses, big communities, small groups to interact and have common experiences.  It is important that the management team play a strong role in encouraging and helping events that bring the work environment together to take place safely at a park, skating ring, arcade, or at a designated large conference room in the office. We, at Events by Carmen take a lot of pride performing these events, we encourage and support the interaction of friends, families and strangers in addition to providing positive booster impact through the shared experience of special events. Many companies have seeing lately a great difference in the employee’s performance when this kind of events are performed minimum once a month (last Friday or Saturday of the month). Special Events by Carmen create wonderful memories and provide the bonding that every employee needs for economic self-esteem and emotional growth. Everyone occasionally needs a bit of help to remain engaged and motivated. The opportunities are endless. Even just to bring popsicles every Friday, or pizza day, or an employee and family picnic every six months. While we focused on helping people in need, another option would be to volunteer. These events are not only great for team-building, they make everyone at the company feel good about themselves and others. We’re proud to have done something for those less fortunate.

I remember at a couple of my previous jobs few years back, I meet such a wonderful people, that only use to be my next cubicle coworker. We had food, carnival games and a dunk tank, where senior management took turns as the target. We had a lot of bonding out the office along with their kids and ours. Everyone had fun with it.

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