Family Reunions

Family Reunions Party Planner in Panama City Beach, FL

Sometimes can be boring, sometimes something that we all wait yearlong or not, or simply we don’t even know where to even start. Someone sets the date and time, invites the guests, plans the menu and prepares for the activities. Successful family reunions, whether held once a year, at a beach house, at a park, a retreat center, a cabin, or on every holiday, are important for three reasons in particular. First, they bring family members together. Second, is a great time for family members to connect with one another. Third, they provide each person the chance to share memories and values that will last a lifetime.

Anyone who has ever been to Thanksgiving dinner or spent the Christmas holiday with family knows it can be a testy time for all involved. It is a challenge to build close, enduring family ties when you only see each other on major holidays. However, embracing the importance of family reunions may transform these events into celebrations to look forward to, as family members come to see the many benefits of getting together. In my particular case during the holidays or family gatherings, I have to start at least 2 days ahead. Everyone comes for my mom’s memorable recipe of her paella yellow rice, which it was a tradition at my home while I was growing up, that my mother would make it at every birthday, event, holiday, and I was very fortunate that she taught me, and my 2 famous homemade desserts Three milk cake and Vanilla Cheese Flan (Hispanic unique desserts). Speaking of, since they are homemade, I have to make at least three pans of each to make sure everyone takes some home, and my oldest son Frank Jr., always takes his own pan of his favorite desert since he was little “Three Milk Cake” (“tres leches” in Spanish), a must, or mom (myself) is in trouble.

Each family has its own way of doing things, even tasting Uncle David’s deviled eggs or your sister in law potato salad recipe, is a chance to celebrate family traditions and create more memories specific to your own family. In fact, some families even prepare the same menu, with exactly the same items year after year as a point of tradition, as way of having fun, remembrance, for any given family gathering. In our culture, it is not uncommon for celebrations to center around food and drinks, and family reunions are no different, even now to have piñatas, water balloons, etc., for the kids. Besides the obvious fun shared, the main idea is the many opportunities for laughter and family bonding, providing family members with important values, strong lasting bonds, and a deep sense of belonging that they can pass on to their children and their grandchildren.

Some large families even have everyone wear name tags to help identify one another, for the new additions to the family, even name some of the tags “big daddy” “big momma” great grand momma” “uncle David” “pops” “granny”which further personalizes the reunion experience. A tradition that can last for generations.

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